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2016 Annual Conference

November 7–11, 2016

Albuquerque, NM

Examining SoTL Literature for Teacher Pedagogical Constructs: A Method for Documenting a Rich Landscape

Wednesday, November 9, 2016 at 10:30 AM–11:15 AM Mountain Time (US & Canada)
Pavilion VI (375)
Session Abstract
This session explores a method based on Hashweh’s (2005) TPC model to document the pedagogical construct elements within SoTL literature or one’s own teaching practice. The method includes a template designed to facilitate analyzing and transcribing the TPC elements and to create a shareable artifact for study and reflection.
Target Audience
This presentation is for those interested in fostering the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning through self-initiated or group professional development activities. Faculty development professionals and those with faculty development responsibilities or duties will also find this session of interest.
Session Description
Hashweh’s (2005) refinement of his ideas about pedagogical content knowledge (PCK) with the inclusion of teacher pedagogical constructs (TPC) as the building blocks of teacher pedagogical knowledge (TPK) is a theoretical lens for viewing the elements that make up the actions of instruction. Teachers create contextual and subject-matter-driven TPC from the scripting and narrative memory process of their individual experiences. Thus, TPCs are an integral feature of the rich landscape of adult teaching and learning practices. Hashweh (2005) observed that because of the personal and private nature of PCK knowledge, it is documented by observation of individual practice and subsequent interview, which includes auto-ethnographies, case studies, and similar methods. Sharing this documentation makes TPC available for public study and reflection. I believe that an additional method for documenting and celebrating these elements of our rich and varied disciplinary landscape is available through analyzing and transcribing the TPC elements presented in SoTL literature. In that regard, I have adopted and adapted Hashweh’s (2005) TPC model as a method to document the pedagogical construct elements related to teaching a subject and created a template for analyzing and transcribing the TPC elements within the literature or one’s own practice.

Primary Presenter

Vicki Sheri Towne, M.Ed., Practical Teaching & Learning

Additional Presenters: Enters In Order