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ACHE 2016

October 17–19, 2016

New Orleans, Louisiana

The Axis of Attitude: Using Story to Change Attitudes to Achieve Goals

Tuesday, October 18, 2016 at 10:30 AM–12:00 PM CDT
Ursuline Room
Session Type

Doing (Workshop): 90-120 minutes

Session Description

Attitude is core. It determines what we do, what we don’t do.  It determines how far we excel or decelerate. No matter how good we are at our job, no matter how passionate we are about our purpose, if the person or people group we are reaching out to does not have the right attitude, it can be frustrating…and the desired results are never reached. But there is hope. There is a way to change someone’s attitude…to help them see what was, what is, and most importantly…what could be. And it’s free. No fancy paperwork, brochures, videos, or training. Just a simple, highly effective concept that is already alive within you. And you don’t even know it. Yet.

Session Focus
Credit Programming
Non-Credit Programming
Online Programming
Accelerated Programs
Student/Client Support Services
Professional Development
Session Audience
Program Directors
Program Staff
Deans & Senior Administrators
Student Services Providers

Primary Presenter

Kim Weitkamp, Tree House Artists
Brief Bio

Humorist, keynote speaker, presenter, coach, singer, songwriter, producer and spoken word artist. A lot of titles...but one main thing ties them all together. Story.

Kim speaks and performs to tens of thousands of people a year. She is a storyteller at the top of her craft and whether the story is tucked into a speech, performed from stage or used as a tool for learning, one thing is for sure, at the root of all she does Kim is first and foremost a storyteller.

Kim has keynoted for some of Forbes most recognized companies and has been the closing speaker for many high profile charity events, helping organizations reach their financial goal time and time again. She regularly plays the role of coach and consultant for companies/non-profits such as Purina, Nestle, Edward Jones, Habitat for Humanity, Feeding America, International Storytelling Center and many others.

For over 23 years Kim has been helping educators, organizations and businesses utilize the power of story.

Kim blends her mastery of humor, story and communication into her presentations making them entertaining, enlightening, and educational.

She holds an armload of awards including the prestigious Leadership in Communication Award from Toastmasters Int’l, the Blue Ridge Excellence in the Arts Award and several Storytelling World Awards. She is also the owner of a design company, TreeHouse Artists and a record label, Road Candy Records. Kim is the founder of the Wrinkles Project and creator of the Peace by Piece Project in conjunction with the Taubman Museum of Fine Art. She has written, produced and recorded 8 audio collections, 6 of them award winners. Her latest project is a folk operetta that has gotten high praise within the music industry and storytelling community.

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