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ACHE 2016

October 17–19, 2016

New Orleans, Louisiana

Learning as a Catalyst for Behavioral Change

Tuesday, October 18, 2016 at 10:30 AM–12:00 PM CDT
Cabildo Room
Session Type

Doing (Workshop): 90-120 minutes

Session Description

Decades of research shows that transmission of information does little to create behavioral change. Up to 80% of information taught in top-down training is forgotten or unused by participants. By infusing behavioral science and Experiential Learning Theory, educators can more adeptly impart knowledge and ensure that that knowledge is translated into action. This is particularly vital for those in workforce development, organizational psychology, and educators invested in learning outcomes. We will: (1). Explore the powerful sentiment behind the phrase “Education for Transformation rather than transmission;" (2). Develop strategies for creating personal and professional growth through educational experiences; and (3). Uncover tips for successfully maneuvering students psychological resistance to new information that gets in the way of the behavioral change and learning processes.

Session Focus
Credit Programming
Non-Credit Programming
Online Programming
Accelerated Programs
Student/Client Support Services
Professional Development
Session Audience
Program Directors
Program Staff
Deans & Senior Administrators
Student Services Providers

Primary Presenter

Zach Stone, Red Kite Project
Brief Bio

Zach Stone, co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Red Kite Consulting Inc. Zach helped found the world's first workforce development based resiliency building firm that uses methods built in war zones to help professionals in the harshest jobs to survive and thrive.
He holds a degree in Counseling and Behavioral Health from Drexel University and certificates in crisis intervention and human Services. He is a graduate of the Entrepreneurship and Organizational Development program at Babson College and Goldman Sachs. He has spent 16 years as an Educator, mediator, facilitator, and corporate coach. Zach has worked in the juvenile justice system, The NGO and Non-profit sector, Private sector,and has trained over 5,000 first responders in the medical, transportation, and social services community. He has been a featured lecturer for the Association for Conflict Resolution, the International Coaching Federation, The American Public Transportation Association, The Department of State, and The International Trauma Conference. He recently developed and delivered curricula for the Department of State-Sponsored Program, the American Field Service in both New York City and Washington D.C. He has been featured by Apple Inc. twice for innovation in the field of training and education. Zach is passionate about the use of martial arts to help heal trauma, and loves adventuring with his wife, and Akita-shepherd pup through New England whenever they have the chance

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