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BC Library Conference 2017

April 19–21, 2017

Vancouver, BC

T15 - Maximizing Library Vendor Relationships: The Inside Scoop

Thursday, April 20, 2017 at 1:45 PM–2:30 PM PDT
Salon C
Session Description

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This presentation will outline the options available to libraries in selecting and developing trust in their vendor relationships. What can a library expect when it concludes a long-term relationship with a vendor and a vendor rep? What should library vendors offer to the planning, design, product development, logistical, legal, and communication functions of libraries? What constitutes a good sales rep and what should libraries expect/demand from their reps in the way of industry knowledge, participation, alternatives, problem resolution, and best practices?
This presentation will help library staff get the most from their vendor partners.


Mr Jeff Narver, Fraser Valley Regional Library

Jeff Narver is the Director of Infrastructure and Resources at Fraser Valley Regional Library. For the past 26 years, Jeff worked for 3M Canada in various sales, marketing, business development and operations management roles. During the past 10 years, Jeff worked as a senior rep for the 3M Library Systems Division, planning, selling, and implementing hundreds of technology projects in Western Canada and the United States.

Scott Hargrove, Fraser Valley Regional Library

Fraser Valley Regional Library's Chief Executive Officer, Scott Hargrove, is a known and respected presenter in Canada and the US at events designed for library leaders, boards, and government officials. His presentations focus on technology trends, new business models for libraries and emerging competition for libraries