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BC Library Conference 2017

April 19–21, 2017

Vancouver, BC

T17 - What Are We Supposed to DO? Learner-Driven Programming for Kids

Thursday, April 20, 2017 at 3:15 PM–4:00 PM PDT
Salon F
Session Description

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Institutional learning for kids is changing. The redesigned BC Curriculum is "student-centred and flexible...allowing space and time for students to develop their skills and explore their passions and interests." But how does this translate into library programs for young people? How do we adapt our tried-and-true programs, or introduce new ones, that meaningfully put kids at the centre of their learning without using extra time and resources?
The West Vancouver Memorial Library Youth Department ran a pilot program to answer this question—and we failed. Or, we thought we did. Join as we discuss the necessity and rationale for a learner-driven programming shift for kids, how we adapted after we seemingly crashed and burned, and how we plan to move forward. While focused on young people, this session will be of interest to anyone curious about the why and how of patron-driven programming.


Shannon Ozirny, West Vancouver Memorial Library

Shannon Ozirny is the Head of Youth Services at the West Vancouver Memorial Library. In her five years at WVML, she has implemented a youth technology petting zoo, technology lending kits (including Raspberry Pis and MaKeyMaKeys), a district-wide school library card program, a World War local history research partnership with secondary schools, and a Raspberry Pi program that involves more than 140 children each year. Shannon has a monthly young adult book column in the Globe and Mail and also reviews regularly for Quill & Quire. She is on twitter @shannonozirny

Dan Pon, West Vancouver Memorial Library

Dan Pon is a librarian based in unceded Coast Salish territories. He holds a MLIS degree from UBC (2012) and works as a librarian at Langara College and the West Vancouver Memorial Library. Dan manages the archive at grunt gallery and is currently conducting research on behalf of the Belkin Art Gallery and Geoffrey Farmer's outdoor public art project Nothing Can Separate Us (When the Wheel Turns Why Does a Pot Emerge?).