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The Learning Conference 2013

June 3–4, 2013

Hilton Miami Downtown, Miami, FL

Short Talk 5: Fast Feedback: How Imperfect Data Now is Better than Perfect Data Later

Monday, June 3, 2013 at 2:40 PM–3:00 PM Eastern Time (US & Canada)
Concerto A
Session Designer

Wayan Vota, Kurante

Session Description

In a perfect world, we could conduct long-term studies and randomized control trials to find the most effective intervention, but in reality we often have to make time-constrained decisions and gauge effectiveness with limited information. This presentation will look at how we can use new data sources like big data, social media and mobile phones to augment traditional feedback systems to have a better view, faster, of intervention effectiveness with a focus on international development programs.

Session Type

Short Talk


Wayan Vota, Kurante

Wayan Vota is a technology expert focused on using appropriate information and communication technologies (ICT) to accelerate social and economic advancement in the developing world. He is the communications manager at Development Gateway, and the co-founder of Technology Salon, Kurante, ICTworks, Educational Technology Debate and OLPC News. He is a Tech Museum Laureate, Global Social Business Incubator Alumni, DevEx International Development Leader, and advises the World Bank, Souktel and VSO International.