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2018 Gender Odyssey

June 21–24, 2018

Los Angeles, California

Constructive White Conversations

Saturday, June 23, 2018 at 8:00 AM–9:20 AM PDT
Workshop Description

Constructive White Conversations is a gathering in which those of us who identify as white can speak freely and openly about race, racism, oppression, isolation, and all related issues. This is a place for white people who want to understand and dismantle racism, build and maintain white anti-racist community, and explore the nature of white identity. Our goal is to provide a welcoming place for white people to engage in a conversation about race, one that can be difficult for many of us at first. We hope to break the pattern of silence around this issue that has, for the most part, defined white life in the United States for centuries. We've found that the conversation is a starting point. We’re not experts. We’re white people trying to develop an understanding of racism and we’re learning as we go.
Note: This gathering is a closed anti-racist affinity group which means it is open to people who self-identify as white and are interested in reflecting on how racism impacts our lives and relationships at all levels. The intention of this group is to provide a space where white people can share openly and honestly and through listening and identifying, gain access to hope, authentic connection, and anti-racist clarity that will support us in taking useful action in multi-racial efforts to dismantle racism.

Conference Track
Medical (Seattle only)

Primary Contact

Stoop Nilsson, Constructive White Conversations

Workshop Presenters

Presenter Bio

Stoop Nilsson is a white transmasculine artist, educator, and organizer whose work has focused primarily on anti-racism, police accountability, and community mobilization. Stoop is an educational equity coach with the Center for Strategic Solutions at New York University and has lectured on white culture and racial identity development. Stoop is a member of European Dissent – White Anti-Racist Group – NYC, and is a Constructive White Conversation host in Brooklyn, New York. Stoop studied social work and theology at Concordia University in Portland, Oregon, and has a master’s in social work from Hunter College in New York City.