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Annual Conference 2019

March 28–31, 2019

Marriott City Center, Dallas, TX

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7.1a Exploring Age Effects on Meaningful Messages: The Underlying Mechanisms of Elevation and Admiration

Sunday, March 31, 2019 at 8:30 AM–10:00 AM CDT
1-Normandy A

This study examines different types of meaningful messages: one is a moral-based meaningful message that highlights moral excellence and human kindness; the other is a skill-based meaningful message that emphasizes extraordinary skills and personal growth. Results show that older people evaluate the moral-based meaningful message more favorably because the content elicits the feeling of elevation, whereas younger people respond to the skill-based meaningful message more positively because the message triggers the feeling of admiration. This research contributes to the advertising literature by differentiating two types of meaningful messages through proposing age as a boundary condition and identifying varied psychological mechanisms to account for such effects. The findings also provide practical implications to advertising professionals to target different ages groups with varied meaningful messages.

First & Corresponding Author

Taylor Jing Wen, University of South Carolina
Authors in the order to be printed.

Taylor Jing Wen, University of South Carolina; Wonseok Eric Jang, Texas Tech University; Linwan Wu, University of South Carolina

Additional Authors

Wonseok Eric Jang, Texas Tech University
Linwan Wu, University of South Carolina