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2019 Annual Conference

April 6–9, 2019

Atlanta, GA

It Takes A Village 2

Monday, April 8, 2019 at 9:10 AM–10:10 AM EDT
Room 206
Session Description

Mock Admissions arrives at the Public Schools! The collaboration of colleges, independent schools, public schools, and independent educational consultant bring a unique opportunity to Sarasota, New Orleans, Phoenix, and St. Louis. Inspired by a SACAC presentation 4 years ago, this growth of a program serves 1000's with excellence and access!

Intended Audience
All Secondary School Counselors
Secondary Public School Counselors
Secondary Independent School Counselors
Post-secondary Admission Officers
Independent Counselors
Community-Based Organizations
Knowledge or experience level for your session attendees

All Levels

Head Presenter

Debra Landesberg, My College Resource
Head Presenter: State


Additional Presenters

Ed Graf, Isidore Newman School
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Julie Kerich, Franklin & Marshall College
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