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2019 Annual Conference

April 6–9, 2019

Atlanta, GA

The Outsiders: Perspectives on Rural Student Counseling and Recruitment

Monday, April 8, 2019 at 9:10 AM–10:10 AM EDT
Galleria 2
Session Description

Students from rural areas are not only less likely to attend college, those who do attend often do not enroll at four-year, selective or private colleges and universities compared to their urban and suburban peers. Join us to learn perspectives on recruiting and counseling this often overlooked student population.  

Intended Audience
All Secondary School Counselors
Post-secondary Admission Officers
Community-Based Organizations
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All Levels

Head Presenter

Dustin Lynn, Battle Ground Academy
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Additional Presenters

Andrew S. Moe, Swarthmore College
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Kimberly Lord, Brookwood School
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