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2014 Conference

May 8–9, 2014

Framingham, MA

MATSOL 2014 Conference: Online Program

Refresh • Reflect • Renew

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Mind Your Manners: English Usage for Teachers

Friday, May 9, 2014 at 10:00 AM–10:45 AM EDT
Middlesex West
Session Abstract

A dictionary definition can be separated into two parts: the semantic and the social. All speakers of English are judged constantly by how they negotiate areas of disputed usage; this lecture explores grammar, word choice, and cultural assumptions essential to clear and correct English.

Session Length

Practice-Oriented Presentation (45 minutes)


All Audiences

Topic Strand

Best Practices in Instruction

Lead Presenter

Mr Peter Sokolowski, MA, Merriam-Webster
Biographical Statement

Peter Sokolowski, Editor at Large at Merriam-Webster, is a frequent lecturer on language and also serves as pronouncer for spelling bees around the world.