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2014 Conference

May 8–9, 2014

Framingham, MA

MATSOL 2014 Conference: Online Program

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Co-Teaching a Scaffolded, Flipped Novel in the ELL Classroom

Friday, May 9, 2014 at 2:30 PM–3:15 PM EDT
Session Abstract

ELLs of all proficiency levels read excerpts from the young readers edition of Three Cups of Tea. Key points included: annotations, plotline, literary terms, presentation/audience etiquette, and open-response writing. The culminating project was to utilize iPads to create a video that explained one chapter using all language domains. 

Session Length

Practice-Oriented Presentation (45 minutes)

Secondary Educators
Teacher Educators
Topic Strand

Best Practices in Instruction

Lead Presenter

Ms. Asha Chana, Revere High School
Biographical Statement

Ms. Chana has been an ELL teacher for 4 years working with middle and high school students at all levels. 



Jennifer Bellavance, Revere High School
Biographical Statement

Ms. Bellavance has been an ELL teacher for four years working with high school and college students.