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2019 Annual Conference

November 13–15, 2019

Augusta Marriott at the Convention Center, Augusta, GA

Becoming a Champion Counselor when you are the New Counselor on the Block

Thursday, November 14, 2019 at 1:30 PM–2:30 PM EST
Hamilton A (50)
Target Audience
Counselor Educator, Supervisor
Please select the interest areas (or track) your proposal covers
Tools for working smarter, not harder
Comprehensive School Counseling Program
Issues in Counseling
Graduate Students
Rural Counselors
Principal/Counselor Relationship

Are you the "New Counselor on the Block"? If you are a first year school counselor or have changed positions/systems, you must learn about your "block" and how to use your own "blocks" to build a Championship Comprehensive School Counseling Program. Come learn from a seasoned school counselor with experience in elementary (1 school), middle alternative (1 school) and high school (2 schools) what you must know moving into a new position and how to build relationships and market your program. 


Brian, Brooks County High School