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2019 Annual Conference

November 13–15, 2019

Augusta Marriott at the Convention Center, Augusta, GA

Creating Effective and Engaging Cross-Age Mentoring Programs: An Alternative to Suspension

Friday, November 15, 2019 at 8:30 AM–9:30 AM EST
Hamilton A (50)
Target Audience
School Administrators
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Academics/Academic Achievement
Social Emotional Learning

At the elementary-level, cross-age mentoring programs can serve as an alternative to suspension as it allows students to remain in a school setting while simultaneously modeling and practicing positive pro-social skills so the disruptive behavior will not reoccur. Through mentor training, mentors will identify, learn, and model appropriate school behaviors for younger students. Mentees receive positive attention, social skill training, and the skills needed to become champions for themselves and others.


Ms. Thea Hall, Dekalb County School District