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BC Library Conference 2020

T06 - Recent Canadian and International Copyright Developments and the Impact on Libraries.

Thursday, April 16, 2020 at 11:00 AM–12:15 PM Eastern Time (US & Canada)
Meeting Room #1
Session Description

Generously sponsored by: BCGEU

The statutory review of Canada’s Copyright Act has been completed, with no action so far from government. Meanwhile, libraries and their patrons continue to face developments in copyright both nationally and globally.
Librarians and library staff were active participants in the recent Statutory Review of the Copyright Act and brought to Parliament the voices and concerns of both users and creators of copyright protected works. We were active participants in the democratization of the legislative agenda around copyright and advocated for the interests of libraries and patrons. These voices were heard and seriously considered as shown in the recommendations found in the Review of the Copyright Act.
This session will look at the recommendations from the Copyright Act Review that could impact libraries and their patrons, and current issues related to copyright in libraries: controlled digital lending; action around the impact of restrictive terms and conditions placed on public library ebook collections; implementation of the Marrakesh Treaty (alternate formats for people with perceptual disabilities) in Canada; possible effects of the appeal of the Access Copyright v York University case for BC’s post-secondaries; Crown copyright; and copyright term extension.


Donald Taylor, Simon Fraser University Library

Donald Taylor is the Copyright Officer for Simon Fraser University, oversees InterLibrary Loans and the institutional repository at the SFU Library, and is the BCLA representative to the CFLA Copyright Committee. He recently completed research investigating the institutional and societal factors that contributed to the collapse of collective copyright licensing in the Canadian post-secondary sector.

Christina de Castell, Vancouver Public Library

Christina De Castell is Chief Librarian at Vancouver Public Library. She is fascinated by the way that technology is changing reading, learning and libraries, and believes that each of us can advocate for library patrons and our values through our conversations and our roles. Christina is vice-chair of the copyright committee for the Canadian Federation of Library Associations and a member of the IFLA Copyright & Other Legal Matters Advisory Committee, and has represented the libraries at UN forums on copyright topics.