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BC Library Conference 2020

Table Top Role Playing Games Night

Thursday, April 16, 2020 at 7:00 PM–9:00 PM EDT
Meeting Room #1
Session Description

Join library folks from around the province for an introduction to collaborative table-top role playing games. There will be two rounds of games, the first will be short and sweet, a primer for those unfamiliar with the Dungeons and Dragons table-top role-playing game which will then be followed by a longer custom adventure based on libraries. No experience is required to participate.

Dungeons and Dragons is:

· A collaborative story-telling game, where there is a game master who is the key storyteller and referee, and the players who are the ones interacting in the imaginary world and partaking in an adventure. The players interact with each other and the game master to solve dilemmas, puzzles and battles, and gain knowledge and treasure.

· There is a core rules framework that aids in world-building, character development and guiding interactions within adventures. Typically the setting is high fantasy (like Lord of the Rings).

· There is a lot of collaboration and negotiation required for successful games, and players and the game master have to negotiate the games rules and their own playing styles. Also, there are elements of learning numeracy, developing good communication, problem-solving, improvisation and leadership skills as well.

· While the games has been around since 1974, there was been an increase in popularity since 2014 due to an update to the rules and a number of YouTube channels and podcasts being realized with live or “real-play” recordings using the Dungeons and Dragons rules and frameworks.