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2020 Gender Odyssey

June 18–21, 2020

San Diego, CA

Our conference schedule is in development and is subject to change. Additional sessions will be added.  Occasionally, a presenter has to cancel or a session needs to move from its scheduled day and time.  Please review as the conference dates near for any changes that may have occurred. 

Navigating the Human Barrier in Schools

Saturday, June 20, 2020 at 9:35 AM–10:55 AM Pacific Time (US & Canada)
3 - Salon D
Workshop Description

After a parent’s realization that their child is transgender—but often before they have had a chance to catch their breath—the question of how to navigate schools looms large and immediate. Teachers, administrators, counselors, and even other parents may put up some resistance to taking inclusive steps, often struggling to determine the school’s role in the transition process. Principals may say, “Why should we do all this for one student?” Or they may ask a bewildered parent, “Just tell us what to do.” Faith, political, cultural and geographical differences can complicate the conversations further. We will explore the origins of this resistance and some concrete steps for navigating a successful student transition. Content discussed will include: how to field the “bathroom question”; age-appropriate ways to talk to children; proactive addressing of concerns from other parents; and other ways to framing trans issues for those within a school community.
This session will provide educators and parents with important information for navigating these barriers as they work to create an inclusive school environment for all.

Workshop Presenter's Names

Gender Odyssey and Gender Diversity
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Presenter Bio

Aidan Key is the director of Gender Diversity, an organization that provides education to professionals, teachers, counselors, and administrators regarding gender-inclusive schools grades K-12. Additionally, he provides support for families of transgender and gender diverse children and teens through parent support groups in Washington state. Key speaks regularly to universities and organizations seeking to expand their knowledge of issues related to gender identity in children and adults. He is also the founder of the Gender Odyssey conference.