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2020 Gender Odyssey

June 18–21, 2020

San Diego, CA

Our conference schedule is in development and is subject to change. Additional sessions will be added.  Occasionally, a presenter has to cancel or a session needs to move from its scheduled day and time.  Please review as the conference dates near for any changes that may have occurred. 

Unlearning Binary Thinking to Better Serve Trans & Non-Binary Youth within Systems of Care

Friday, June 19, 2020 at 8:00 AM–9:20 AM Pacific Time (US & Canada)
3 - Salon D
Workshop Description

What are non-binary identities and how can learning more about them increase the efficacy of our work with youth in care? What is binary thinking and how can it limit creativity and damage rapport with clients and colleagues? Built on the general understanding of identities existing on spectrums, this session will offer a conceptual framework through which professionals can begin to unlearn binary thinking in order to better serve all youth in systems of care (child welfare, juvenile justice, mental health, etc.).

Primary Contact

Ariel Bustamante, Los Angeles LGBT Center

Workshop Presenter's Names

Ariel Bustamante, Los Angeles LGBT Center
Professional Suffix (e.g., MD, LCSW)
Pronouns (ex. she, they, he, etc.)
Presenter Bio

Ariel Bustamante (she/her/hers/ella) is a former Liberty Hill Leader to Watch and American Bar Association Panelist with well over a decade of experience working with non-profits including GSA Network, Liberty Hill Foundation, ACLU of Southern California, and now the the Los Angeles LGBT Center. She attended Green Mountain College and self-designed her area of study: inequality and oppression studies. As an equity and compliance expert, she has trained thousands of professionals serving diverse LGBTQ+ populations.