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2014 Conference

May 8–9, 2014

Framingham, MA

MATSOL 2014 Conference: Online Program

Refresh • Reflect • Renew

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Judicious Classroom Use of Native Languages: How and Why

Friday, May 9, 2014 at 9:00 AM–9:45 AM EDT
Grand Centre
Session Abstract

Every ESOL teacher must decide how to approach the inevitable use of native languages by their students.  This session presents a review of the research to define "judicious use" of native languages and advocates its implementation with a set of practical guidelines, examples, and activities.

Session Length

Research-Oriented Presentation (45 minutes)


All Audiences

Topic Strand

Best Practices in Instruction

Lead Presenter

Caitlin M. Jacobs, Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center
Biographical Statement

Caitlin is the lead ESOL teacher at Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center.  She earned her Ed. M in TESOL from Boston University in 2011.



Session Materials