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IGeLU 2023 Conference and Developers' Day

September 11–14, 2023

Leuven, Belgium

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Library Mobile: 1 Institute - 5 Libraries - 6 Profiles

Tuesday, September 12, 2023 at 1:55 PM–2:25 PM CEST add to calendar
Room AV 00.17
Session Abstract

This presentation will describe the implementation and adaptation of the Ex Libris Library Mobile Application in five libraries at Tel Aviv University, with a focus on enhancing resource access and user engagement through mobile technology. The process involved a comprehensive needs assessment, customization and integration of the app with existing library systems, extensive training and support for library staff, user engagement through targeted promotion, and an evaluation process that incorporated user feedback for continuous improvement. The presentation at the conference aims to provide insights into the challenges, best practices, and lessons learned from adapting the Ex Libris app to Tel Aviv University's different libraries, highlighting the transformative potential of mobile applications in academic library settings.


Conference theme: Libraries enabling innovation

Products or Areas of Focus

campusM / Library Mobile


Physical session (+ live streaming with Zoom)


Ido Aharon, Reference Librarian, Tel-Aviv University
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Maya Amichal, Systems Librarian, The Weizmann Institute of Science
Xiaoli Li, Head, Content Support Services, University of California, Davis