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IGeLU 2023 Conference and Developers' Day

September 11–14, 2023

Leuven, Belgium

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How can you enable self-loan for patrons with no security issue?

Thursday, September 14, 2023 at 11:05 AM–11:35 AM CEST add to calendar
Room AV 01.12
Session Abstract

Libraries are constantly evolving and adopting new technologies. Just as in stores, bus stations, and other public places, patrons expect to be able to check out books using self-service kiosks. However, one of the challenges of introducing self-service kiosks in libraries is security.

We have developed a comprehensive solution for self-service checkout that simplifies the process and provides maximum security using a simple RFID reader. Our solution is based on the Alma API, which allows us to integrate with existing library systems. This makes it easy for libraries to implement our solution without having to make major changes to their infrastructure.
We would like to share our solution with the Alma community so that other libraries can benefit from it.


Conference theme: Libraries enabling innovation

Products or Areas of Focus

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Developers’ Day


Guy Shahaf, Head of Information System Engineering, Technion Institute of Technology
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Mehmet Celik, Expert Software Architect, KU Leuven/LIBIS