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ACHE 2014

October 27–29, 2014

Las Vegas, Nevada

Breaking Silos: Pathway to Integrate Academics and Support Services

Monday, October 27, 2014 at 1:30 PM–2:15 PM PDT
Concurrent Session 2
Session Description

This presentation will focus on improving, expanding, and delivering integrated instructional and student support service programs that promote student success. The goal of the session is to encourage faculty and staff to be more intentional about planning, implementing, and evaluating support programs that establish academic continuity across the college. The session will provide direction on helping faculty and staff to engage in meaningful discussion about appropriate student and instructional resources as well as highlight the development of mechanisms to maximize program efficiency. After the session, participants will be able to provide specific strategies for working constructively and cooperatively to achieve and sustain a student-centered learning environment in order to evaluate and improve programs and courses to meet the needs of students.

Session Focus
Credit Programming
Non-Credit Programming
Student / Client Support Services
Session Audience
Student Services Providers

Primary Presenter

Patrice A. Whitley, NorthWest Arkansas Community College
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Brief Bio

Dr. Patrice A. Whitley - I am a seasoned higher education administrator and instructor with experience in both two- and four-year institutions. My professional career in higher education has placed me in a position to inspire, challenge, and empower students. I am particularly interested in connecting with other professionals who are passionate about helping students to achieve academic success.

Additional Presenter #1

Ashley Byrd, NorthWest Arkansas Community College
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Additional Presenter #2

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