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ACHE 2014

October 27–29, 2014

Las Vegas, Nevada

Spies, Sommeliers, and Cowboys: A Unique Approach to Designing Thematic Classes Using Collaborative Technology

Monday, October 27, 2014 at 2:45 PM–3:30 PM PDT
Concurrent Session 3
Session Description

Imagine transporting students to incredible destinations around the world without being encumbered by cost, time, and travel limitations. A unique partnership between the University of Tulsa’s Department of Lifelong Learning and the Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration (CILC) made this possible for students enrolled in Tulsa’s program. The presenters will share how they collaborated to create an innovate approach to designing thematic classes based on their adult students’ interests. Using videoconferencing, each class session brought a dynamic guest speaker from National Parks, museums, zoos, and science centers around the world live into the classroom. Envision chatting with a retired CIA agent from the International Spy Museum or a curator from the Book Depository in the Behind the Scenes of the US Presidency class. Session participants will leave with resources and understanding how to replicate this process in their own institutions.

Session Focus
Non-Credit Programming
Post-traditional Students
Session Audience
Program Directors
Program Staff

Primary Presenter

Julia Shildmyer-Heighway, CILC
Contact information; 317-231-6529

Brief Bio

Julia Shildmyer-Heighway spent 15 years working in Museum Education. While in the museum field, Julia was instrumental in designing and delivering successful interactive videoconferencing programs. She currently serves as Director of Content Services for the Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration (CILC). In this role, she works with over 220 cultural organizations, providing support, training and mentoring through consultation and workshops. She has presented at conferences nationally and internationally regarding collaborative technologies and education.

Additional Presenter #1

J. Phillip Applegate, The University of Tulsa
Contact Information; 918-631-2958

Brief Bio

Dr. J. Phillip Applegate has been Dean of Lifelong Learning at University of Tulsa since February 14, 2011. Dr. Applegate is a longtime leader of education and distance learning in Oklahoma. He has more than three decades of experience in secondary and higher education, including 10 years as an Executive Director of Instructional Technology and Telecommunications with the Oklahoma State Department of Education. In this capacity, he oversaw the development of policy for technology integration and distance learning for Oklahoma public schools.

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