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ACHE 2014

October 27–29, 2014

Las Vegas, Nevada

Formal Goal Setting and Persistence

Wednesday, October 29, 2014 at 11:00 AM–11:20 AM PDT
Flash Session 6
Session Description

This research project was designed to examine the relationship between formal goal setting requirements in a graduate degree program and persistence of graduate students to complete their graduate degree. More specifically, the researchers sought to determine if formal goal setting improves the likelihood that students will complete their degree. In this study, persistence of students who were enrolled in a Master of Arts (MA) degree program that requires formal goal setting was compared to students enrolled in other comparable degree programs that do not include a formal goal setting requirement. The results of this study are significant for colleges and universities throughout the country that have accelerated graduate degree programs for adult students, specifically, for those adult students who have gone back to school to help them achieve either professional or personal learning goals.

Session Focus
Credit Programming
Accelerated Programs
Student / Client Support Services
Session Audience
Program Staff
Deans & Senior Administrators

Primary Presenter

Dorothy Williams, Regis University
Contact information; 719-264-7052

Brief Bio

Dorothy Williams, Ph.D. has over 24 years of experience teaching undergraduate and graduate adult students, designing curriculum and specializes in Communication and Leadership. She has held various management positions in industry and in higher education.

Additional Presenter #1

Jill Coddington, Regis University
Contact Information; 719-338-6376

Brief Bio

Jill Coddington, PhD, is a faculty member of Computer Science at Regis University. She earned her doctorate from The Union Institute in Mathematics; has master’s degrees in Software Engineering and Business Administration. She teaches undergraduate and graduate classes in computer science.

Additional Presenter #2

Robert Collins, Regis University
Contact Information; 719-264-7063

Brief Bio

Bob Collins, EdD, is professor in the Master of Arts degree program at Regis University. His work at Regis is focused on his interest and expertise in adult learning theory and practice, higher education leadership, program development and organizational change.

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