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ACHE 2014

October 27–29, 2014

Las Vegas, Nevada

Building A Lifelong Learning Center From Scratch: One year, One Thousand Served

Tuesday, October 28, 2014 at 11:10 AM–11:30 AM PDT
Flash Session 4
Session Description

The Rollins Center for Lifelong Learning STARS (Senior Tars) program is for seniors fifty and older and modeled after the liberal arts. Students take four week courses in a variety of topics reflective of a liberal education. Pricing is competitive and response has been overwhelming. The program received seed funding from the Winter Park Health Foundation and met its third year enrollment goal within the first six months of operation. Programs of this nature are a good way to build community relations while attracting new college supporters and prospective donors. The RCLL won this year’s ACHE national award for Outstanding Model Program. Future plans will be discussed.

Session Focus
Non-Credit Programming
Post-traditional Students
Session Audience
Program Directors
Program Staff
Deans & Senior Administrators

Primary Presenter

Jill Norburn, Rollins College
Contact information
Brief Bio

Dr. Jill Norburn is the Director of the Rollins Center for Lifelong Learning. She received her doctorate in Educational Leadership, a master’s in Higher Education, a bachelor’s in Exceptional Education, and a few graduate certificates from the University of Central Florida. In her spare time she enjoys taking classes, teaching, being actively engaged in the community, and volunteering in the Winnie Palmer NICU. She is a mother to triplet 6 year olds and is a firm believer in lifelong learning.

Additional Presenter #1

Bob McKinlay, Rollins College
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Bob McKinlay is a specialist in grant writing, program development, and administrative aspects of health professional education and adult learning, including educational gerontology, geriatrics, and health care administration. He is currently the Director of Grants and Contracts at the Hamilton Holt School at Rollins College where he has written grants to establish the Rollins Center for Lifelong Learning (RCLL) and the Volunteers Organized in Community Engagement (VOICE) Project. Mr. McKinlay earned his Bachelor’s degree in Sociology at Eastern Michigan University, Master of Professional Studies in Eldercare Administration at Lynn University, and Specialist Certificate in Aging from the Institute of Gerontology at the University of Michigan. He has a passion for older adult education since graduate school in the mid-1970’s when he conducted a research study on the needs and interests of older adults in greater Ann Arbor and 40 years later of greater Winter Park, Florida.

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