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ER&L 2015

February 22–25, 2015

Austin, Texas

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Post-Conference Workshop 2: Measuring User Satisfaction and Gathering Feedback: How to Do It?

Wednesday, February 25, 2015 at 1:00 PM–5:00 PM CST
Workshop - Salon B
Conference Track

5. User Experience


survey, objectives, measures

Learning Objectives

Learning Objectives:

- Understand elements of survey process.

- Write effective survey items, using different types of survey questions.

- Evaluate survey content and distinguish between well-written and poorly written survey questions 


To best provide library services that meet user needs, librarians are increasingly asked to follow a formal feedback-gathering process that collects accurate and actionable data to inform decision making. A home-grown survey can be a valuable tool in gathering satisfaction data but poorly constructed survey questions are all too common. Poorly written survey questions not only confuse respondents but also lead to substantial measurement error and misleading results. This half-day workshop will focus on how to construct survey questions that produce meaningful results that are valid and reliable. The instructor will review elements of survey process and introduce different types of survey questions, followed by a class activities to evaluate less-than-ideal survey questions and to develop survey items. This workshop is designed to be a beginner level course for those who are interested in participating assessment activities in libraries and information centers.


Nisa Bakkalbasi, Columbia University