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ER&L 2015

February 22–25, 2015

Austin, Texas

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Short Talks: Enhancing Learning

Monday, February 23, 2015 at 2:15 PM–3:00 PM CST
Salon A/B

This "Enhancing Learning"-themed session is comprised of three 15-minute, peer-reviewed ER&L short talks. In ER&L short talk sessions, presenters will change every 15 minutes (after an individual presentation and brief Q&A period.) 

 [Moderator: Steven Harris, University of Nevada Reno]


Title: Fifteen Apps in Fifteen Minutes



This session will identify and briefly demonstrate fifteen (free) apps available on iOS and Android devices that are useful in education settings (classrooms or libraries).


Title: going live with beta - a libguides 2 experience



An overview and discussion of the migration to LibGuides2 at the University Library, reaching tight timelines, coordinating communications and training to maximize effectiveness.  Lessons learned and tips for improving on similar projects will also be covered.


Title: Creation Spaces: Teaching Students to Create and Explore with Code



Calls of “learn to code” are everywhere lately. But what do people mean by learning to code and how can academic libraries engage with this trend?  This talk will assess and explore resources and ideas for ways in which academic libraries can incorporate coding into digital and information literacy programming.


Holli Duggan, Concordia University Nebraska
Jaclyn McLean, BA Hon, MLIS, University of Saskatchewan
Sarah Morris, Loyola University Chicago