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ER&L 2015

February 22–25, 2015

Austin, Texas

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Emphasizing E-Resources and Financial Soundness: Reorganzing the Staff Complement in Technical Services at Carleton University Library

Tuesday, February 24, 2015 at 1:30 PM–1:45 PM CST
Room 204
Conference Track

3. Organizational Strategies


staff reorganization, electronic resources workflow, financial efficiencies and safeguards

Learning Objectives

Following this session, the audience will be able to learn from the organization review of technical services at Carleton University Library, particluarly as it relates to how staff and subunits were recalibrated to emphasize the purchasing and processing of e-resources, and how financial efficiencies and safeguards were created through the reorganization.


Between the years 2011-2014, two organizational reviews, a financial audit, and a published self-study were undertaken and informed the recent recalibration of technical services at Carleton University Library.  This short talk will discuss how we re-emphasized the purchase and processing of e-resources and how financial efficiencies and safeguards were implemented.


David Sharp, Carleton University Library