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ER&L 2015

February 22–25, 2015

Austin, Texas

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Short Talks: E-Resources Management 101

Wednesday, February 25, 2015 at 9:25 AM–9:55 AM CST
Room 301

This "E-Resources Management 101"-themed session is comprised of three 15-minute, peer-reviewed ER&L short talks. In ER&L short talk sessions, presenters will change every 15 minutes (after an individual presentation and brief Q&A period.) 

[Moderator: Xan Arch, Reed College]


Title: It Takes a Village…To Raise an Electronic Resource: The Collaborative Process of Providing Access

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Collaboration is a necessity in the modern library environment. Silos are detrimental to this needed collaboration. This presentation will look at the internal and external silos that are required to birth and foster electronic resources and will discuss an example of bridging two groups: public service librarians and acquisitions librarians.


Title: Data Entry Tips and Tricks

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Unavoidable, by-hand data entry is intense and tedious. Using techniques such as formatting data pre-entry, and using macros for quick data entry and Excel to format changeable data such as permissions can reduce time and effort. Practical, immediately-usable techniques can be easily adapted to other data input projects. 


Mr. Mark Henley, University of North Texas Libraries
Margaret Hogarth, MLIS, MS Environmental Studies, The Claremont Colleges Library