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2015 Conference

May 20–22, 2015

Sheraton Sand Key, Clearwater Beach, Florida USA

This is the draft agenda with session placement for the ACCI Annual Conference 2015 in Clearwater Beach, Florida, May 20-22, 2015. The conference will start on Wednesday, May 20 at 4:00 pm with a general session, followed by a dinner on the beach. Please plan to arrive on time! Use this search tool to find your session dates and times. First authors will appear in the Brief Listing. If you are a secondary author, use the Detail Listing to search for your session by name. 

Elder Financial Exploitation via Power of Attorney Abuse: What Family Members’ Experiences Preliminarily Reveal About Family Member Perpetrators

Friday, May 22, 2015 at 11:45 AM–1:15 PM EDT
Concurrent 3

First & Corresponding Author

Axton Betz-Hamilton, Ph.D., Eastern Illinois University

Add'l Authors In The Order To Be Printed

Virginia Vincenti, Ph.D., University of Wyoming
Cynthia R. Jasper, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison
Donovan Rudisuhle, MBA, Consultant