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The Learning Conference 2011

June 6–7, 2011

Baltimore, MD

Post-Conference Session: Doing Due Diligence Well

Tuesday, June 7, 2011 at 2:30 PM–4:30 PM EDT
Composite Room (Third Floor)
Session description

Selecting the right grantee partners is one of the most important jobs grantmakers do. Effective due diligence involves striking a balance between obtaining the information you want and need as a grantmaker and not asking for so much that it places an undue burden on the grantseeker. Knowing what to ask, when to ask it and how to structure information-gathering to best support decisions is still a challenge for many grantmakers. In this hands-on workshop offered by La Piana Consulting and GEO, participants will explore effective grant assessment practices and identify changes they can make to their own due diligence. Advanced registration is required.

Participant learning goals

• Explore effective due diligence practices and how they are being used by grantmakers
• Learn how to apply those practices in your work

Intended learning level

Adoption — strategies and tools for applying concepts and changing practices in your work


Jo DeBolt, La Piana Consulting
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Speaker Biography

Jo DeBolt is a senior manager with La Piana Consulting. She brings nearly 30 years of experience as a nonprofit executive and consultant to the firm. As a consultant and nonprofit leader, much of DeBolt’s work involved starting and growing organizations including designing and developing systems, building boards and staff, implementing new programs, translating vision into action, and ensuring that mechanisms were in place to measure the impact of these new ventures. Prior to joining La Piana Consulting, she was the founding executive director of the Mon Valley Initiative, a regional coalition of seventeen independent community-based economic development organizations engaged in community organizing, housing and commercial real estate development

Session Materials