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Chicago BIMForum - When Does Design End and Construction Begin?

July 19–21, 2011

Chicago, IL

A Tale of Two Models

Tuesday, July 19, 2011 at 3:45 PM–4:30 PM Central Time (US & Canada)

Design is largely an iterative process where as construction is more accurately described as linear. Where these two distinct workflows convergence, exists a critical point where our actions can create waste, value or both. As a Design-Build contractor, we have the unique position of having in-depth insight into both worlds and realize the errors/waste. We also see ways of eliminating waste and adding value for the client.

 Using a greatly expanded and detailed model progression specification document as our starting point, two acute care hospital projects built in sequence in California will be discussed. We’ll contrast differences in workflow, deliverables and team structures between those projects as a result of a maturing within the industry, increased software capabilities, and internal lessons learned as a result of reflection on project results.


Darren Young, Southland Industries

Darren Young supports the application of technology to BIM processes as the Systems Integration Manager and CAD IT Business Partner at Southland Industries. Mr. Young has over 20 years experience automating and integrating CAD systems with business applications and processes, half of which were as a consulting and integration business owner. With the majority of his career spent working with and for building product manufacturers; Mr. Young brings an outsider’s perspective to the construction industry with having first-hand experience during the transition of 2d CAD to 3d parametric design and Product Lifecycle Management methodologies the manufacturing industry experienced over 15 years ago. Currently Mr. Young is helping facilitate several of Southland’s internal functional groups to develop a comprehensive BIM strategy focused not on technology, but creating tangible business value. Mr. Young is an active member of the National BIM Standard (NBIMS) Project Committee and NBIMS Assemble workgroup, an Autodesk Authorized Developer and a 10-year veteran Autodesk University speaker.


Mr. David C. Francis, Southland Industries

David Francis is a passionate advocate for BIM and Virtual Coordination in the construction industry as the Planning Manager for Southland Industries.  With over 20 years experience in 3D Design/Build Mechanical contracting, Mr. Francis has been involved with a wide variety of commercial projects and in many different roles.  Mr. Francis is currently involved in Southland's continuous development of their BIM processes for design, detailing, coordination, fabrication, installation and maintenance. He is actively working with other GC's and contractors to apply Lean principles to streamline the design/build/coordination process.