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Chicago BIMForum - When Does Design End and Construction Begin?

July 19–21, 2011

Chicago, IL

The End is Where We Start From

Tuesday, July 19, 2011 at 9:00 AM–9:45 AM Central Time (US & Canada)

Design does not end. While this could be understood as a criticism and concern of those in the construction industry, it also points to the reality that construction is every bit as creative an activity and process as design: that design continues well into the construction phase and beyond. The best designers design with the end in mind and the best constructors build with an eye on the start: where design direction is initiated and the DNA for the ensuing work takes place. This presentation explores the role of construction in design, design in construction and BIM’s impact on both. 



Randy Deutsch AIA, LEED AP, Deutschwrx

Randy Deutsch AIA, LEED AP is a lead design architect orchestrating large, complex sustainable projects. Randy has been an adjunct associate professor leading graduate-level building science, design studio and professional practice courses. He served on Chicago Architectural Club’s Board of Directors and AIA Chicago Board as Vice President. Randy blogs at & and is the author of BIM and Integrated Design: Strategies for Architectural Practice” (Wiley, 2011.) He’s a professional thought and practice leader, an Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) facilitator, speaker, recipient of the AIA Young Architect Award, and advocate for using innovative technologies and work processes.