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Chicago BIMForum - When Does Design End and Construction Begin?

July 19–21, 2011

Chicago, IL

In Search of Building Perfection ... Together

Wednesday, July 20, 2011 at 8:15 AM–8:45 AM Central Time (US & Canada)

The advent of VDC and IPD has given birth to a new generation of design and construction professional.  The use of the same (or similar) design software has provided a wide and common path for historically divided disciplines. The act of sharing common tools, terms, work flows and even frustrations is leading to unexpected demolition of silo walls.  Co-located teams are discovering, often face-to-face, latent inefficiencies and redundancies previously concealed by isolated and parochial work environments.  

These "discoveries" include a realization that signficant portions of the design teams work will be replaced in whole or large part by "to-be-built" assemblies modeled by the contractor, subcontractor and fabricator.  The obvious question arises, why?  Why expend huge amounts of design time to model parts, pieces, details, assemblies, and more in excrutiating detail ... only to have it ripped out and replaced in a federated model delivery process.   Are we carrying old world 2D, isolated practices onto our new planet?  Looks like it.   This presentation will explore the alternatives using two side-by-side life science projects.  


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John L Tocci, Tocci Building Corporation