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The Collaboration Conference 2015

November 16–17, 2015

Houston, Texas

W6 Skill-Building Workshop: Using Artistic Experiences to Facilitate Community Change

Tuesday, November 17, 2015 at 10:00 AM–12:00 PM CST
Arboretum 5 (Second Level)

Communities need unconventional approaches that bring multiple viewpoints together to develop new ways to make progress, and grantmakers need to know how to support these approaches. Earlier this year, cross-sector representatives in two cities — Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and Providence, Rhode Island — began piloting the “Community Innovation Lab” framework to help solve complex, systemic challenges. Winston-Salem seeks to reduce economic disparities along race, class and social lines, while Providence focuses on issues of community safety and cultural life. The lab approach puts artists and artistic experiences at the heart of a co-designed and facilitated change process. This workshop introduces the five stages of the framework and offers a deeper dive into the first stage — a process to recruit and nurture local champions. You will use a framework to identify and explore complex challenges, complete a hands-on activity that demonstrates how to identify champions, and learn about how artists can contribute uniquely to the change process. You will have space to reflect on how a similar framework might be applied in your community.

Primary Points Of Contact

Richard , Evans

Session Designers

Richard Evans, EmcArts, Inc


Richard Evans, EmcArts, Inc

Richard Evans directs, designs and facilitates EmcArts’ programs and strategic partnerships, which support individuals, organizations and communities on their journey to becoming highly adaptive. Through this work, EmcArts creates conditions for adaptive change to become integrated throughout the arts sector. 

A frequent speaker on the relationships between systemic change, cultural policy and emerging practices in the arts, Richard’s recent engagements have included most of the annual conferences of arts service organizations in the U.S. and Canada. His research and analysis has been published in numerous publications.

Richard received his M.A. from Trinity College, Cambridge, England.  Prior to founding EmcArts, he held senior positions in performing arts management and philanthropy, including: Co-director of the National Endowment for the Arts’ Advancement Program; Coordinator of the National Alliance of Artists’ Communities; Chief Executive of the Bath International Festival of Music & the Arts, England; and Vice President of the National Arts Stabilization Fund.

Lynne McCormack, National Program Director of Creative Placemaking

Lynne McCormack serves as the director of Art, Culture + Tourism for the City of Providence, RI. Appointed director in 2006, Ms. McCormack successfully transitioned the department from a programming organization, to a community development agency.  Completing a comprehensive cultural plan in 2009, she forged partnerships that resulted in a destination branding campaign, a summer youth workforce development program, citywide arts festivals and increased funding for artists, designers and organizations through CDBG, HUD, transit and economic development funds. Her department has been awarded two NEA Our Town grants and been funded for an ArtPlace America project.  Recognized as a change-maker, Ms. McCormack earned her BFA in Film/Video from Rhode Island School of Design and continues to employ creative practice and design-based thinking in her innovative government work.

Session Materials