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2016 Mid-Year Conference

February 7–9, 2016

San Antonio, Texas

Conversation Cafe: Exploring Therapeutic Recreation with Students

Monday, February 8, 2016 at 8:30 AM–10:00 AM CST
San Antonio I (100 classroom)
Session Description

Students will be given the opportunity to explore their professional foundation in Therapeutic Recreation in a World Cafe style conversation. This format will allow students to engage in small group dialogue with their peers in a setting that encourages mindfulness and participation from every person involved. Conversation topics will include professional philosophy and advancement of the profession. Conversation outcomes will be assimilated in a whole group conversation to encourage action from conversation.

Learning Outcomes - Provide three measurable learning objectives for the session that relate to the NCTRC Job Anaylsis.

Upon completion of the session, students will be able to:

Detailed Session Outline - Include time spent on each portion of the outline. An example is given in the help text.

Min. 1-5 Introduction to World Cafe conversation format

Min. 6-30 Question 1: Introduction and conversation (Student/Professional Membership, involvement- Advancement of the Profession)

Min. 31-40 Question 1: Debrief Q1

Min. 41-65 Question 2: Introducation and Conversation (What is the importance of RT? What is our "why?" Professional Philosophy, Advancement of the Profession)

Min. 66-75 Question 2: Debrief Q2

Min. 76-90 Debrief and create "words to action" statements

NCTRC Job Analysis.
Foundational Knowledge: Theories and Concepts, Practice Guidelines, Diagnostic Groupings
Advancement of the Profession: Professionalism, Credential maintenance/ professional competencies, PR/promotion/marketing
Target Audience



Maggie Whaley, CTRS
Thea Kavanaugh, CTRS