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2016 Mid-Year Conference

February 7–9, 2016

San Antonio, Texas

Imagine Therapies, Contracting as a Business

Tuesday, February 9, 2016 at 10:30 AM–12:00 PM CST
Trinity (30 Classroom)
Session Description

Administration of TR service: Participants will learn how Imagine Therapies, LLC contracts with agencies in and around the San Antonio area to provide TR services to individuals. Participants will grasp the concept of TR as a business and how contracting works in detail in relation to Imagine Therapies and its clients. Participants will learn how the business runs with other specialized therapies, and how the 2 owners supervise and manage 19 CTRS' and 2 TRS/TXC therapists. Participants will also understand how specialized therapist work together to meet the need of specialized therapies in San Antonio and hopefully carry that back to their home towns and cities. Imagine Therapies will also share the current contracting trends and issues as well as answer any questions and help participants fully understand what contracting is and how it has been successful for the clients of Imagine Therapies for over 6 going on 7 years.

Learning Outcomes - Provide three measurable learning objectives for the session that relate to the NCTRC Job Anaylsis.

Upon completion of this session, participants will be able to:

NCTRC Job Analysis Areas:

Documentation, Impelemntaion and Administration of TR/RT Service.


Detailed Session Outline - Include time spent on each portion of the outline. An example is given in the help text.

5 min-               Intro of speakers, topic, session outcomes/objective

20 min-             Explanation of Contracting and the Contracting Process

      1. Finding an agency that contracts
      2. Credentials and Requirements
      3. Client Referral Process
      4. Job Description
      5. Documentaion
      6. Billing/Invoicing
      7. Reimbursement/Pay

15 min-            Agencies who need TR Services and How to Contract

      1. CLASS- Medicaid Waiver Programs (clients with variety of special needs)
      2. Treatmet Centers- (psych, CD, Acute, Residential, Long Term,)
      3. State Agencies- (CHCS, DSHS, DADS, 
      4. Programs- ( Wounded Warriors, Accountable Aging, Non-profits)

15 min-            TR Management in a contracting business

      1. Requirements/Credentials
      2. Audits
      3. Performance Evaluations
      4. Recognition

20 min-            TR process in contracting

      1. Referral- Contracting necessity (agreement)
      2. Therapist Assignment- Imagine Therapies, LLC (accepting responsiblity for client TR services)
      3. Assessment- in contracting
      4. Plan- In contracting
      5. Intervention- in contracting
      6. Evaluation-in contracting
      7. Documentation using evidence based practice

10 min.            Community resources used as potential interventions in contracting

      1. Parks/Amusement Parks/Water Parks/Trampoline Parks
      2. Museums
      3. Restraunts
      4. Zoo
      5. Community events
      6. Concerts
      7. Theatre/Drama 
      8. Sports (spectaor and participation)

5 min. -           Question and Answer session


NCTRC Job Analysis.
Documentation: Individualized intervention plan, Discharge/transition plan
Implementation: Selection of programs, Modalities and/or interventions
Administration of TR/RT Service: Personnel/ intern/volunteer management, Budgeting/fiscal management
Target Audience
New Graduates/New Professionals
Mid-Career Professionals
Seasoned Professionals


Mrs. Leticia Gonzalez, CTRS, Imagine Therapies, LLC