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2016 Mid-Year Conference

February 7–9, 2016

San Antonio, Texas

"Adventure Days" Southern IN Rehab Hospital Stroke Camp

Tuesday, February 9, 2016 at 1:00 PM–2:30 PM CST
San Antonio I (100 classroom)
Session Description

Southern Indiana Rehab Hospital has been hosting a Stroke Camp for 20 years. The camp is designed to provide a getaway weekend for stroke survivors and a respite opportunity for caregivers. Campers participate in outdoor activities with the assistance of trained professionals in a structured, accessible environment. Camp also offers participants a chance to socialize with others who have had a stroke and learn more about stroke recovery and re-adjustment into leisure activities.

Learning Outcomes - Provide three measurable learning objectives for the session that relate to the NCTRC Job Anaylsis.

Will provide 3 tools to participants in implementing a camp. (Fundraising, volunteers & accessibility) 

Provide six activity ideas offered at camp.

 Identify the barriers to implementing the camp and possible solutions. 


Detailed Session Outline - Include time spent on each portion of the outline. An example is given in the help text.

Introduction of presenters (5 minutes), History of the stroke camp (10 minutes), Developing guidelines (30 minutes), Activity ideas (10 minutes), Barriers to implenting the camp and solutions (15 minutes), Camp video (10 minutes), Wrap up & Evalution (10 minutes) 

NCTRC Job Analysis.

Implementation: Selection of programs, Modalities and/or interventions

Target Audience

Mid-Career Professionals


Ms Deb Strickler, CTRS, BS, Southern IN Rehab Hospital