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2016 Mid-Year Conference

February 7–9, 2016

San Antonio, Texas

Belay on! Programming Inclusive Outdoor Recreation

Tuesday, February 9, 2016 at 3:30 PM–5:00 PM CST
Trinity (30 Classroom)
Session Description

Outdoor recreation is for everyone! This session will present steps that your organization can take to program for inclusive rock-climbing, kayaking, and beyond. Leave this session prepared to develop your staff's adaptive programming skills and create an infrastructure that is welcoming and safe for all.
Using the information from this session you will…

1. Practice using an assessment (used for a program at your organization)
2. Develp a plan to increase inclusivity in this program
3. List strategies to implement this program
4. Leave with startegies to evaluate this program

Learning Outcomes - Provide three measurable learning objectives for the session that relate to the NCTRC Job Anaylsis.

By the end of the session the CTRS will be able to

Detailed Session Outline - Include time spent on each portion of the outline. An example is given in the help text.
  1. Introduction (15min) to presenters and topic
  2. Benefits of Inclusive Outdoor Programming (20min): Activity on flip chart around room-sm gx’s
  3. Handout and group brainstorming (35min) This activity will cover learning outcomes 2-4. (Please reference above)
  4. Austin Parks and Recreation's strategy for inclusive outdoor programming (10min)
  5. Wrap-up questions and answers (10min)
NCTRC Job Analysis.
Assessment Process: Selections and Implementation of Assessment, Assessment Domains
Documentation: Individualized intervention plan, Discharge/transition plan
Implementation: Selection of programs, Modalities and/or interventions
Administration of TR/RT Service: Personnel/ intern/volunteer management, Budgeting/fiscal management
Target Audience
New Graduates/New Professionals
Mid-Career Professionals


Sandra Heath, CTRS, City of Austin Parks and Recreation