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2016 Mid-Year Conference

February 7–9, 2016

San Antonio, Texas

American Therapeutic Recreation Association Standards of Practice of Recreation Therapy & Self-Assessment

Monday, February 8, 2016 at 3:30 PM–5:00 PM CST
Medina (50) classroom
Session Description

The ATRA Standards of Practice and Self Assessment Guide were developed based upon requirement of health care regulatory agencies standards of health care accreditation agencies a review of related literature, including the NCTRC job Analysis and a comparison of standards of practice of other allied health disciplines. The Standards for the Practice of Recreational Therapy and Self Assessment Guide (SOP-SAG), reflects standards for quality recreational therapy practice in a variety of settings. The 12 standards address components of the Job Analysis specifically the following: Professional Roles; Assessment; planning intervention and/or programs; implementation interventions and/or programs; documentation intervention services; & managing RT services

Learning Outcomes - Provide three measurable learning objectives for the session that relate to the NCTRC Job Anaylsis.

1. Identify 2 means for how to implementation of the SOP can prepare the participant's agency to meet accreditation standards

2. Verbalize and demonstrate two ways to utilize the SOP Self - Assessment Guide and Audits

3. Demonstrate an understanding of the components of the ATRA Standards of Practice & Self - Assessment Guide through completion of a documentation audit during the session

NCTRC Job Analysis.
Foundational Knowledge: Theories and Concepts, Practice Guidelines, Diagnostic Groupings
Assessment Process: Selections and Implementation of Assessment, Assessment Domains
Documentation: Individualized intervention plan, Discharge/transition plan
Implementation: Selection of programs, Modalities and/or interventions
Administration of TR/RT Service: Personnel/ intern/volunteer management, Budgeting/fiscal management
Advancement of the Profession: Professionalism, Credential maintenance/ professional competencies, PR/promotion/marketing
Target Audience
New Graduates/New Professionals
Mid-Career Professionals
Seasoned Professionals


Marcia Smith, CTRS, MA , ACSM-CEP, National Institutes of Health