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ACHE 2016

October 17–19, 2016

New Orleans, Louisiana

How Educators Learn to Teach Online: What Administrators Need to Know

Monday, October 17, 2016 at 2:15 PM–3:15 PM CDT
Orleans Room
Session Type

Thinking (Concurrent Session): 60-75 minutes

Session Description

Research shows most teachers teach as they were taught. However, distance educators lack a model or benchmark for online teaching because many of them have not taken online courses as students. Indeed, many studies on teaching online point to the importance of training for online instructors. Few studies go into specifics about exactly what that training should look like. The purpose of this presentation is to examine best practices in professional development for educators learning to teach online.


Session Focus
Online Programming
Professional Development
Session Audience
Program Directors
Deans & Senior Administrators

Primary Presenter

Steve Schmidt, East Carolina University
Brief Bio

Steven W. Schmidt, PhD, is a Professor of Adult Education and the Adult Education Program Coordinator in the College of Education at East Carolina University, in Greenville, North Carolina. His major areas of research include workplace learning, cultural competence, and online teaching and learning. He is the 2014 president of the American Association for Adult and Continuing Education ( and is author of the book “Case Studies and Activities in Adult Education and Human Resource Development”.

Presenter 2

Dr. Elizabeth Hodge, Ph.D., East Carolina University
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Presenter 3

Dr. Christina M. Tschida, Ph.D., East Carolina University
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