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ACHE 2016

October 17–19, 2016

New Orleans, Louisiana

Partners for Transformative Education: What Can F2F Learn from Online Education, and What Can Online Learn from the Hallmarks of F2F Education?

Tuesday, October 18, 2016 at 10:30 AM–12:00 PM CDT
Orleans Room
Session Type

Doing (Workshop): 90-120 minutes

Session Description

Despite evidence of increasing quality and prevalence of online education, too often we fall into debates about whether face to face (F2F) is better than online education or predications about the sustainability of both modalities in the future of higher education and which will prevail. What if we stood back and examined what each modality can learn from the other in order to enhance and elevate student learning? This session will address the intentionality of design and embedding of assessment and engagement that online education offers. Also under discussion will be ways in which online education can enhance its quality by integrating more of the transformative hallmarks of F2F education, such as humanness and collaborative forums. The session will be of value to those who work with online/F2F education as well as those new to one or both of the modalities.

Session Focus
Credit Programming
Non-Credit Programming
Online Programming
Session Audience
Program Directors
Program Staff
Deans & Senior Administrators
Student Services Providers

Primary Presenter

Debra Leahy, New England College of Business
Brief Bio

Debra is currently the Provost at New England College of Business, a fully online undergraduate and graduate college that exclusively serves online learners and works with 300+ corporate partners to educate professional learners for contributions to their professional industries. Debra has also served as the Associate Dean for Professional and Graduate Programs at Emmanuel College; Associate Dean at New England Institute of Art where she launched a Center for Professional Development in order to bring creative education to adults in the surrounding region, and Debra has taught literature and social science, both F2F and online, to non-traditional learners for the past 15+ years. Debra was an adult learner since beginning her education, and she brings passion and expertise to her work with developing programming and opportunities for adult learners.

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