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ACHE 2016

October 17–19, 2016

New Orleans, Louisiana

Virtual Internships: Student, Faculty, and Employer Perceptions

Tuesday, October 18, 2016 at 2:00 PM–3:00 PM CDT
Royal D
Session Type

Thinking (Concurrent Session): 60-75 minutes

Session Description

Telework, virtual work, and virtual teams have created a technology-based demand for workers with demonstrated ability to perform tasks in a virtual or web-based space. Virtual internships are on the rise as a way to meet that need and are changing the experiential learning landscape by providing a higher education driven platform for student-to-worker transitions. This interactive session offers exposure to past research and uses session activities to help participants identify future virtual internship program possibilities. Attendees will learn what students, faculty, and employers have to say about the things they need to make a decision to adopt or reject a virtual internship program. Attendees will also be given information about successful programs that can be used to make future planning decisions.

Session Focus
Credit Programming
Non-Credit Programming
Online Programming
Accelerated Programs
Student/Client Support Services
Session Audience
Program Directors
Program Staff
Deans & Senior Administrators
Student Services Providers

Primary Presenter

Melody Jackson, University of Phoenix
Brief Bio

Dr. Jackson is a Research Fellow for the Center for Management and Entrepreneurship as well as Associate Professor in Management.

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