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2018 Gender Odyssey

June 21–24, 2018

Los Angeles, California

Tools for the Parent Toolbox: How and Where to Advocate

Sunday, August 12, 2018 at 8:30 AM–10:00 AM PDT
Rm 605
Workshop Description

This workshop gives parents of transgender and gender-nonconforming children the advocacy tools needed to address problems in a variety of challenging areas: healthcare, educational, legal, insurance, and social. Based on the presenter’s personal experiences and on the experiences of others, this workshop lays out solutions for climbing over our families’ biggest obstacles. We will define the obstacles, educate about rights and responsibilities, and guide parents about how to be the best advocate for your child and for yourself.

Conference Track


Primary Contact

Kathie Moehlig, TransFamily Support Servcies

Workshop Presenters

Kathie Moehlig, TransFamily Support Servcies
Presenter Bio

Kathie Moehlig is the founder and executive director of TransFamily Support Services in San Diego, California. For over 30 years, she has been a public speaker, a workshop presenter, and a support group leader. Kathie is a certified life coach, a licensed minister, and a certified parent counselor. As a parent advocate for her transgender son, Kathie navigated his admittance as the first transgender patient at the Rady Children’s Hospital Gender Management Clinic in San Diego. She provides compassionate and informative support for other transgender families and friends. Kathie works tirelessly to help transgender youth and their families navigate the journey.

Session Materials