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11th International Conference on Language Teacher Education

May 30–June 1, 2019

The Graduate Hotel, Minneapolis, MN

Symposium: Praxis-Oriented Pedagogy and the Development of L2 Novice Teacher Expertise

Saturday, June 1, 2019 at 9:15 AM–11:15 AM Central Time (US & Canada) add to calendar
Session Type

Symposium (2 hours)

Program Summary

This symposium traces the developmental trajectory of three novice ESL teachers over two years as they move through three praxis-oriented pedagogy courses.  The findings trace how praxis-oriented pedagogy, where professional, intentional, and reasoned activity is modeled, enacted and explored, facilitated the teachers’ abilities to create meaningful L2 learning environments.

Lead Presenter/organizer

Karen E. Johnson, Penn State University

Symposium Co-Presenters

Paula Golombek, University of Florida
Deryn Verity, Penn State University
Sharon Childs, Penn State UNiversity