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11th International Conference on Language Teacher Education

May 30–June 1, 2019

The Graduate Hotel, Minneapolis, MN

Instructional Challenges, Needs, and Professional Development Opportunities of Spanish Heritage Learner Instructors in the US

Saturday, June 1, 2019 at 10:00 AM–10:30 AM Central Time (US & Canada) add to calendar
Session Type

Paper (25 minutes)

Program Summary

This study provides a better understanding of SHL instructors’ profiles and experiences when teaching Spanish to SHL students in diverse educational contexts by analyzing the main pedagogical trends in the SHL field during the last 17 years and the results of a large-scale survey of SHL teachers’ profiles and experiences.

Lead Presenter/organizer

Elisa Gironzetti, University of Maryland, College Park

Paper Co-Presenters

Flavia Belpoliti, Texas A&M University-Commerce