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ER&L 2014

March 16–19, 2014

Austin, Texas

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Finding the Good Ones: Strategies for Evaluating Open Access Resources

Monday, March 17, 2014 at 4:00 PM–4:45 PM CDT
Room 301
Conference Track

6. Scholarly Communication


Open Access, scholarly publishing

Learning Objectives

identify key warning signs of so-called "predatory" OA publications, help students and faculty evaluate Open Access publications for research, and better understand the roles of content and knowledgebase providers in tracking and reporting on Open Access publications.


Librarians, knowledgebase providers, and indexing services are all grappling with the presence of so-called "predatory" Open Access journals that prey on authors seeking outlets for publication. Learn what strategies these groups in the scholarly community are using to identify and evaluate Open Access resources for their respective collections.

Online Conference

Online Conference Session


Yvette Diven, ProQuest
Rhonda Glazier, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs
Wim Meester, Scopus (Elsevier Science)